The Fat Resistance Diet

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“The Fat Resistance Diet teaches us how to alter our biological hardwiring to lose weight and keep it off. Dr. Galland spotlights Leptin Resistance–a condition that drives millions to gain weight.”
--- Mehmet Oz, MD

Professor of Surgery, Columbia University
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of You: The Owner's Manual



“Dr. Galland cuts through the diet myths to reveal the critical relationship between hunger, inflammation, and body weight, and provides delicious ways to reduce all three.”
--- Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD
Director of the Johns Hopkins University Weight Management Center



what experts say“Dr Leo Galland has an astonishing gift for synthesizing complex scientific theory and translating it into clear and practical advice. In The Fat Resistance Diet, he guides us through the maze of fad diets and weight loss myths, to reveal the interplay of hormones and inflammation that underlie obesity. What emerges is a ground-breaking diet plan that is achievable and enjoyable!”
--- Steven C. Halbert M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor, Jefferson Medical College
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine



what doctors say“We have all had patients who exercise and improve their diet but just can't seem to shed the pounds. This book communicates a plan based in science that will empower these individuals to understand how certain food choices can help them transcend the tipping point towards an ideal weight. Dr. Galland is a leader in the field of nutrition and I trust his recommendations. Most importantly, I have recommended this book to my patients who have found the information empowering and transforming.”
--- David Rakel, MD
Director, University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health



As a plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic surgery, I am acutely aware of how a patient’s metabolic balance effects healing and the aging process in general. Many of my patients who seek improved body contour also realize that nutritional aspects of rapid healing are as important as the surgery itself. “The Fat Resistance Diet” addresses the subject of metabolic harmony more completely and simply than any other program I have seen. Its logical and common sense approach to healthy living is easy for patients to follow, and maximizes their ability to achieve the best possible surgical result. In over 25 years of practice, this book has provided me with the best answer to the question “Doctor how can I lose weight, and keep it off?”
--- Mauro C. Romita MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College



What doctors say"Dr. Galland's insight into fat resistance and disease alters the diet book landscape. In the crowded field of weight management programs, The Fat Resistance Diet stands out because it offers success not only in weight loss,but also in achieving true wellness. This program has helped many of my chronically ill patients - from those with sleep apnea and allergies, to professional performers plagued by reflux. Jonathan's recipes are easy to prepare and delicious."
--- Benjamin F. Asher, MD, FACS
Asher Integrative Medicine



"The simplest answers come to us from those mentors that see through complex issues and help us precisely set the lever at the correct fulcrum point that activates the greatest leverage--to move the mountains that loom large in our lives. Dr. Leo Galland's book, The Fat Resistance Diet: Unlock the Secret of the Hormone Leptin to: Eliminate Cravings, Supercharge Your Metabolism, Fight Inflammation, Lose Weight & Reprogram Your Body to Stay Thin, provides just such a successful handle for applying the force to achieve efficacious changes that consistently produces results. Rarely does a day go by in my busy clinic without one of my patients with complex medical problems (e.g. diabetes, CV heartwhat doctors say disease, arthritis, etc.) reporting gleefully their unexpected benefits from simply changing the content of their diet following from recommendations in The Fat Resistance Diet and adherence to Dr. Galland's top 40 Fat Resistance foods and useful recipes. They are often surprised that my initial suggestion that diet is "more than calories" but rather much, much more the information molecules that integrate to sustain our health or push us into the tangential alleys of disease. Dr. Galland's book is imminently readable and applicable for every patient setting forth on a journey of discovery of self-healing through informed changes in lifestyle. My patients often leave my clinic with the name of this author and title of this book-instead of the name of a drug--written on my prescription pad."
--- David S. Jones, MD, FABFP
President, Institute for Functional Medicine




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