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This is the lifestyle change I have been searching for that gives me delicious food to eat while enabling me to lose weight that I have been carrying and unable to lose for ytestimonialsears. Six weeks into Stage One I've lost 21 lbs. and feel great! Here's the unbelievable part....In the past 6 weeks, not only have I not eaten ANY bread or processed sugar (and I have NEVER been able to do that before), but one of the reasons I started this lifestyle was because my blood pressure had started to rise and was over 135/90 before I started. Four weeks into the diet, it is now 114/75!! The GREAT thing about this diet is that it does become a lifestyle, and a painless one at that, because you are always eating healthy, tasty and natural food. I LOVE the recipes, and my friends envy my beautiful salads at lunchtime. Lifetime weight loss takes a lifetime and a lifestyle. I am so grateful that I found this book, and have it open on my kitchen counter at all times. I couldn't be happier, and I encourage anyone who despairs of ever finding a food plan that enables them to eat well and healthily to give this one a try. Happy eating!
--Rebecca Stucki




testimonialsI tried the Atkins Diet and lost weight, but like most people, could not stick to it for any length of time. Eventually I started in on the carbs again and gained all of the weight back that I had lost, plus 25 more pounds. I was very discouraged and really didn’t know how to eat anymore until I read an article in Woman’s World describing The Fat Resistance Diet and the idea of inflammation; it had me written all over it. I bought your book and started following your diet and have lost 22 lbs. to date. I have tried many of your recipes and must say they are exquisite!!! Simple and delicious—you are right—eating fresh is much more tasty. The first time I tried your veggie omelet I was hooked!!! I have made it for many people and they find it very delicious. Now, I only cook with fresh ingredients and herbs. I will never eat any other way. Thank you, Fat Resistance Diet for saving my figure and health and showing me how to eat again.
--Debi Jordan


I’ve been on the diet for a couple of months and look and feel much better than I have in years. It allows me to eat all the fruit and vegetables I want. Thanks for giving me a way to navigate through restaurants, fast food, parties, buffets, and the supermarket. I’m very pleased with the results.
--Margaret J. King, Ph.D.


I was 30 pounds overweight, had low energy and was getting depressed. No matter what I did I could not lose weight. I even tried fasting and actually gained another pound. This was a problem that started shortly after my second child. My diet wasn't bad but it had some things in it that was obviously not going well with me. testimonialsMy husband who is a chiropractor had heard about you in one of his research tapes. I was in Barnes and Noble and saw The Fat Resistance Diet. I got the book and read it that evening. The next day I went through the refrigerator and the pantry and threw out a bunch of stuff. I told my husband that he could eat what I ate or not. He was thrilled to do it. I have lost 25 pounds in 5 months and feel great. I am 55 and people have said I look like a teenager. I exercise everyday because I feel more able to do it. My husband has also lost weight and feels better also. Thanks. We have also gotten some of our patients to get the book and the ones that have followed it have been glad they did.




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