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Research On Obesity

Leptin Weight Loss, Research on ObesityA scientific revolution has changed our understanding of the causes of obesity. New health research explains why obesity and its related diseases are not just about calories. The weight loss hormones leptin and adiponectin play an important role in our ability to speed metabolism, decrease cravings and burn fat. The discovery of these hormones allows us to re-think strategies for achieving and maintaining leanness. Research also explains why excess fat by itself causes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and arthritis.


Doctors used to think of fat as no more than a repository of unused calories, an expanding storehouse filled up by eating more than you burn. We now know that fat is a living organ, and that fat regulates itself by producing its own set of hormones, leptin and adiponectin. These hormones can increase metabolic rate, making weight control easier. They can also help decrease appetite and burn fat. The discovery of these weight loss hormones is a breakthrough in our understanding of the causes of obesity. The Fat Resistance Diet was designed to make leptin and adiponectin work in an effective weight loss program.

1 Leptin Resistance
2 Adiponectin - Burn Fat
3 Inflammation - Arthritis
4 Inflammation - Obesity
5 Insulin and Cortisol
6 How Does Inflammation Cause Leptin Resistance?
7 Omega-3 Fats
8 Phytonutrients



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